• Every living cell in the human body needs certain kinds of vitamins and minerals to survive. The human body can only absorb certain nutrients from the earth. Hence, in order to maintain a healthy condition, the body must consume a regular supply of these nutrients, which may come from fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, etc. However, the human body cannot synthesize most of these nutrients and has to get them from external sources, mostly vitamins and minerals. For example, the human body cannot synthesize calcium and magnesium, so it must get these from external sources such as fruits and vegetables.


    Today, there are many laboratory tests done on the LLAP Health vitamins and minerals in order to prove or disprove the effects of a certain supplement. For example, a nutrient analysis on a particular kind of vitamin can determine the presence or absence of a particular nutrient. Analysis of other kinds of nutrients, especially minerals, are usually done through analytical techniques. Thus, a thorough analysis report is given, which comprises lab tests for various chemicals, finished products and enzymes, and analysis of living organisms. 


    LLAPHealth Calcium are the most important nutrients for healthy bones. Many people think that the content of these two minerals is low in food supplements health formulas, but this is not true. Some of the formulas have up to 90% of calcium and magnesium in them, so the person taking such a supplement will receive a good amount of these nutrients. As far as possible, you should try to find a food supplement's health formula which contains the most important minerals and substances, so that your body receives the maximum amount of the minerals it requires. Also, you should always try to choose a nutrition supplement that contains all-natural ingredients.

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