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Tutorial plan

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Tutorial part 1:
\item Refresher colloquium + GitKraken installation
\item Find a partner
\item Log in on GitLab (wt)
\item Connect GitKraken to GitLab (wt)
\item Make project with GitKraken (wt)
\item Add text file to folder (wt)
\item Stage file (wt)
\item Commit file with commit message (wt)
\item Check if file is on GitLab (wt)
\item Git push (wt)
\item Check again (wt)
\item Create second file, do a couple of commits, use stage to do multiple commits
Tutorial part 2:
\item Branches
\item Create branch and commit
\item Switch branch and commit somewhere
\item Merge
\item Create merge conflict (switch branch and commit on same line)
\item Resolve merge
\item Find a partner
\item Create group
\item Create repo
\item Both push changes
\item Resolve
Tips on good practices
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