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\frametitle{What is a Git repository?}
\begin{block}{\textbf{Git repo(sitory)}: \\
- central place where developers store, share, test and collaborate on web projects, \\
- contains a set of commit objects and a set of references to commit objects.}
\item Central server to store all files (remote repo)
\item Local copy of files (local repo)
......@@ -90,8 +95,16 @@ Collaborate with team and \textbf{merge} commits
\section{How to use Git}
\section{Introduction to GitLab}
\frametitle{What is GitLab/GitHub?}
\item Web-based Git repositories
\item All TU/e employees already have a GitLab account: \url{}
\subsection{Pull/clone files from a repository on Github/Gitlab}
\subsection{Edit files in your own local Git repo}
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