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Tutorial part 2:
Branches are very useful if you want to try out different approaches. Although they are most useful when working with others, even alone it is good if you want to explore a new idea.
\item Branches
\item Create branch and commit
\item Switch branch and commit somewhere
\item Merge
\item Create merge conflict (switch branch and commit on same line)
\item Resolve merge
\item First use your repo or make a new one and make 3-4 commits on the master branch.
\item Create branch (Branch$\leftarrow$Add Branch). Depending on what you clicked after naming the branch, you are either still on master or are already on the new branch.
With (Branch$\leftarrow$Check out$\leftarrow$)or you simply click on the branch name in the bottom left corner. Make sure you are on your new branch.
\item Edit a file and create a new commit on the new branch. Maybe 1-2 commits.
\item Checkout the master branch again. All the changes from before are now gone (i.e. they are on the other branch). Click on the tickmark next to the branchname in the bottom left to make it visible.
\item make 1 or 2 commits on the master branch.
\item Your branches should look like this now.
\item Right click on your branch and select merge. Use your text editor to choose the lines you want. Stage your changes and commit.
\item Find a partner
\item Create group
\item Create repo
\item Both push changes
\item Resolve
\item \textit{Create} a new group on GitLab \url{}.Groups$\leftarrow$your Groups\\[5pt]
Click on ''New group''.\\[5pt]
Groups are not necessary to work on a shared project. So you can also skip this step and add people directly to the project.
\item \textit{Add} yourself and your partner to the group \url{}.\\[5pt]
Click on ''New group''.\\[5pt]
\item \textit{Create} a new repo on GitLab \url{}.\\[5pt]
Click on ''New project''.\\[5pt]
You can also use an old repository from earlier.
\item \textit{Create} a new repo on GitLab \url{}.\\[5pt]
Click on ''New project''.\\[5pt]
\item Both clone the repository and make changes to the same file on your computer. Push the changes and see what happens.
\item One of you will not be able to push your changes. Pull the up to version and merge locally.
\item if you are bored create an issue for the project and assign your colleague.
Tips on good practices
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