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\title{Basics of Git: Organizing and backing up your code and files}
\author{Jens Wehner, Lotte Romijn}
\date{23 October, 2019}
\begin{frame}\frametitle{Table of contents}\tableofcontents
\section{Why Version Control? }
\frametitle{Git resources}
\item At the command line: (where verb =config, add, commit, etc.)
$ git <verb> --help
$ man git-verb
\item Free on-line book: \url{}
\item Git tutorial: \url{}
\item Reference page for Git: \url{}
\item Git website: \url{}
\item Git for Computer Scientists (\url{})
\section{How to use Git}
\subsection{Pull/clone files from a repository on Github/Gitlab}
\subsection{Edit files in your own local Git repo}
\subsection{Push files to a repo on Github/Gitlab}
\section{How to install Git}
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