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Tutorial part 1:
To start with:
\item Refresher colloquium + GitKraken installation
\item Find a partner
\item Log in on GitLab (wt)
\item Connect GitKraken to GitLab (wt)
\item Make project with GitKraken (wt)
\item Add text file to folder (wt)
\item Stage file (wt)
\item Commit file with commit message (wt)
\item Check if file is on GitLab (wt)
\item Git push (wt)
\item Check again (wt)
\item Create second file, do a couple of commits, use stage to do multiple commits
\item Refresher colloquium + GitKraken installation.
\item Tell everyone to find a partner.
Walkthrough 1:
\item Log in on GitLab \url{}.\\
\item Connect GitKraken to GitLab.\\[5pt]
Simply enter the host domain and click ''generate a token on GitLab.\\
Enter a suitable name, and make sure that \texttt{api} and \texttt{read\_user} are selected then press ''Generate personal access token''.\\[5pt]
Enter a suitable name for the SSH key and press ''Generate SSH key and add to GitLab.\clearpage
\item \textit{Initialise} a new project on GitLab \url{}.\\[5pt]
Click on ''New project''.\\[5pt]
Make sure that ''Blank project'' is highlighted, then enter a suitable name and make sure to select ''Initialize repository with a README''.\clearpage
\item \textit{Clone} the project using GitKraken.\\[3pt]
Select ''New Tab'' or the ''$+$'' button, then click ''Clone a repo''.\\[5pt]
Select ''Clone'' then ''GitLab (Self-Managed) and select a location on your computer, then pick the correct repository and press ''Clone the repo!''\clearpage
\item Add a text file to the \textit{root folder} of the repository.\\
Platform specific - anything will do and you can create a new one with some text in it.
\item \textit{Stage} the new file.\\
Click on the file or ''stage all changes''.
\item Check if the file is on GitLab.\\
Go to \url{} and click on the project.\\
The file is not there.
\item \textit{Commit} the file with a commit message.\\
Go back to GitKraken.\\[5pt]
Enter a fitting summary (and optional description), then press ''Commit changes to 1 file''.
\item Check if file is on GitLab.\\
Go to \url{} and click on the project.\\
The file is not there.
\item \textit{Push} the staged commits to the \textit{remote repository}.\\
Go back to GitKraken.\\[5pt]
Note that the new commit has a laptop icon next to it - indicating that it is a \textit{local commit} thus far.\\[3pt]
Click the upwards facing arrow which says ''Push'', and note that the GitLab icon is now next to the laptop - this indicates parity between the \textit{remote} and \textit{local repositories}.
\item Check GitLab once again (wt)\\
Go to \url{} and click on the project.\\
This time the text file is indeed available.
This ends the first walkthrough.
Before the break, you should all try to
\item Create a new text file.
\item Perform a couple of commits.
\item Use stage for multiple files and several changes.
\item Push a few times to the remote repository.
For those who want a challenge, try to
\item \textit{Unstage} a staged commit, change some things then re-stage the new changes and commit.
\item \textit{Checkout} an old commit.
\item \textit{Reset} the repository to an older commit.
Tutorial part 2:
\item Branches
\item Create branch and commit
......@@ -101,7 +159,9 @@ Tutorial part 2:
\item Create merge conflict (switch branch and commit on same line)
\item Resolve merge
\item Find a partner
\item Create group
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