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\author{Jens Wehner, Simon Kronberg, Lotte Romijn}
\title{Basics of Git: Organizing and backing up your code and files}
\date{31 October, 2019}
%\begin{frame}\frametitle{Table of contents}\tableofcontents
\frametitle{Recap of colloquium}
\item Problems we're facing: \color{blue}Memory, Distribution, Merging, Backup data, Documentation, Archiving \color{black}
\item Solution: Git
\item Store your files in remote and local repositories
\item Every TU/e employee has GitLab account
\item \textbf{Repository}: Tracks all changes made to files in your project
\item \textbf{Commit}: Save your changes to the local repository
\item \textbf{Push}: Upload local repository content to a remote repository
\item \textbf{Pull}: Update the local version of a repository from a remote
\item \textbf{Branch}: Reference to a single commit to isolate separate lines of development
\item \textbf{Merge}: Integrate separate lines of development back together
\section{Plan for today}
\frametitle{Plan for today: 14:00-15:20}
Download SmartGit: \url{}
\item Log on to GitLab
\item Make project
\item Clone project in local folder and add file
\item Commit file with commit message
\item Push to remote on GitLab
\item EXTRA: Repeat above for a second file, perform multiple commits, unstage commits, reset, checkout, etc.
\Huge \centering BREAK
\frametitle{Plan for today: 15:45-17:00}
\item Create a new branch
\item Switch branches and commit changes
\item Merge changes
\item Create merge conflict and resolve
\item EXTRA: Repeat in a GitLab group project
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