Commit 0caea5ee authored by Bognár, Á.'s avatar Bognár, Á.
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fix bad conversion of materials in the rad_obj2rad function

with the -f parameter, see below:
parent 3f79bf6a
......@@ -390,9 +390,9 @@ def ds_epw2wea(input_epw, output_wea, auto_path=True, return_wea_info=True):
def rad_obj2rad(input_obj, output_rad, auto_path=True):
"""execute DS program: obj2rad exported_geom.obj > test3_geom.rad. If autopath not True, use full paths. With autopath it will use the pre-defined folder structure"""
if auto_path == True:
cstr = r'obj2rad geo\{} > geo\{}.rad'.format(input_obj, output_rad)
cstr = r'obj2rad -f geo\{} > geo\{}.rad'.format(input_obj, output_rad)
cstr = r'obj2rad {} > {}'.format(input_obj, output_rad)
cstr = r'obj2rad -f {} > {}'.format(input_obj, output_rad)
def write_ds_hea(p_name, p_dir, bin_dir, uni_mat_file, site_info, model_info=None, radiance_params=None):
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