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Update example_workflow.ipynb

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......@@ -60,7 +60,8 @@
"metadata": {},
"source": [
"## Reading IDF geometry with Geomeppy\n",
"**Set the correct path for the EnergyPlus .idd**"
"**Set the correct path for the EnergyPlus .idd**",
"For making this example easier to work, I uploaded an EnergyPlus.idd file to the repository, but under normal use the iddfile path should point to your EnergyPlus installation's .idd"
......@@ -72,7 +73,7 @@
"outputs": [],
"source": [
"source_idf_name = r'{}.idf'.format(project_name)\n",
"iddfile = r'c:\\EnergyPlusV8-9-0\\Energy+.idd'\n",
"iddfile = r'Energy+.idd'\n",
"source_idf = IDF(source_idf_name)\n",
"source_idf.to_obj(fname=cwd + r'\\geo\\\\'+ project_name +'.obj', mtllib=None)"
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