Commit 2d3e92d7 authored by Bognár, Á.'s avatar Bognár, Á.
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Small bug fixes

Removing unnecessary print() from grid_2d func.
parent 3f97e6be
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ def grid_2d(bbox_2d, d):
x2 = y2* a/b
y = max(y1, y2)
x = y * a/b
print('a={}; b={}; x={}; y={}; n={}'.format(a,b,x,y,n))
#print('a={}; b={}; x={}; y={}; n={}'.format(a,b,x,y,n))
xs = (bbox_2d.vertices_list[0][0], bbox_2d.vertices_list[2][0])
ys = (bbox_2d.vertices_list[0][1], bbox_2d.vertices_list[2][1])
xv = np.linspace(xs[0], xs[1], round(x+1, 0))
......@@ -45,12 +45,12 @@
"## DAYSIM bin folder path:\n",
"## navigate to the working folder and run\n",
"## Managing folder structure\n",
"cwd = os.getcwd()\n",
"for f in os.listdir():\n",
" if f.endswith('.idf'):\n",
" project_name = f[:-4]\n",
"## create folders if they don't exist yet\n",
"# create folders if they don't exist yet\n",
"for folder in ['res', 'tmp', 'wea', 'geo', 'pts', 'res\\\\vis']: # res: final results from Daysim with .ill and .dc files, tmp: Daysim poops temp files here, wea: converted wea file, geo: obj rad and pts files. Inputs, such as the idf and sketchup files are in the working directory\n",
" pathlib.Path(folder).mkdir(exist_ok=True)"
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
"metadata": {},
"source": [
"## Reading IDF geometry with Geomeppy\n",
"**Set the correct path for the EnergyPlus .idd**",
"**Set the correct path for the EnergyPlus .idd**\n",
"For making this example easier to work, I uploaded an EnergyPlus.idd file to the repository, but under normal use the iddfile path should point to your EnergyPlus installation's .idd"
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