Commit 57253571 authored by Bognár, Á.'s avatar Bognár, Á.
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Create BAPV_Roof_Mismatch_pv_sys_layout.csv

Add missing PVMM PV system layout definition file to example_workflow
parent 83cb161b
mod_nr,0,1,2 0,s0m0,s1m0,s2m0 1,s0m1,s1m1,s2m1 2,s0m2,s1m2,s2m2 3,s0m3,s1m3,s2m3 4,s0m4,s1m4,s2m4 5,s0m5,s1m5,s2m5 6,s0m6,s1m6,s2m6 7,s0m7,s1m7,s2m7
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