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      Useful weather files in EPW and Trnsys format · 79153333
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      1.	Actual meteorological years for simulations are constructed based on processing of KNMI data for several locations across the Netherlands.
      2.	The data is given for the UTC-0 time zone,.
      3.	DIRINT decomposition model has been applied to obtain DNI and DHI from GHI.
      4.	All the missing values are set to default in accordance with the EnergyPlus documentation.
      5.	#NEN weather files are NEN5060 datasets for energy calculations.
      6.	#ISO weather files are based on EN ISO 15927-4 methodology. They are constructed for the time-period 1996-2015.
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      Create suneye.py · 764c4741
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      A python function to read shade files generated with the Solometric SunEye shade tool into a Pandas DataFrame.
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