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......@@ -12,14 +12,7 @@ to fill out the acces code in the next page. Once you have done, you are
logged in. If ths is the first login, your GitLab account will be automatically
If you don't have a TU/e Windows account, but you do have a TU/e user code
and password, you can use the same method as with a Windows account: just
use the user code and password to log in to GitLab.
If you don't have a TU/e Windows account or TU/e usercode, you should aks your
TU/e contact to create request a GitLab account for you. Once the GitLab
account is created, use the username and password in the _Standard_ tab to log
External users can create a local account using the "Register" tab.
Once you're logged in, you can read more about
......@@ -31,13 +24,6 @@ Pilot service
Remember, this is still a pilot service, the following restrictions apply:
* Access only from within TU/e networks.
* Use the TU/e VPN service when working outside the university.
* Restricted access, your account has to be added to the group of GitLab
* No external users yet (though we can provision functional accounts).
* If this is your first login, your account will be blocked. Send email to
Erik Mouw or Michiel van Grootel to activate your account.
* We haven't tested all features (please do that for us).
* Things may break (but we try to avoid that).
* We might cancel the pilot, but if we do we will help you to transfer your
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