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# drone_referee_2017_18
TU/e PDEng Mechatronics Systems Design - Module 2
This project is documented in our Wiki: http://cstwiki.wtb.tue.nl/index.php?title=Drone_Referee_-_MSD_2017/18
This project was based on the drone designed by Peter Rooijakkers for his Master Thesis. This document is titled **Rooijakkers_PLM_2017_Design and Control of a Quad-Rotor.pdf**
This project is documented in our Wiki: **http://cstwiki.wtb.tue.nl/index.php?title=Drone_Referee_-_MSD_2017/18**
## Directory Structure:
Ball Detection
-- Codes for ball detection
-- Codes for connecting to and accessing the world model from the Tech United robots
-- Dependencies for multicast
-- Codes to read data from marvelmind beacons fixed on the drone
-- Codes to test UDP connection over LAN and over a remote network
-- Miscellaneous codes for ball detection, aruco marker detection, player tracking, etc.
## Accessing World Model of the robots:
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