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......@@ -190,17 +190,19 @@ Note the negative absorption coefficients: this column represents `a dye' that p
In other words: this third `dye colour' is not a real `colour' and cannot be (properly) represented in RGB space. It is a column that (precisely) covers the part of the 3D absorption space that is not covered by the other two columns, it is `the remainder' for use in deconvolution.
\caption{Absorption columns in 3D space.\label{arrowsfig}}
\caption{Absorption columns in 3D space. With \textbf{(a)} the yellow, green, black and complementary absorption columns (bold) and the (mutually perpendicular) `R', `G' and `B' columns: the three flag dyes (yellow, green, black) are not perpendicular in absorption and the complementary `dye' (magenta) is perpendicular in absorption to the yellow and green dyes; and \textbf{(b)} another example of the non-linear relationship between transmission (RGB) and absorption (dyes): dyes/colours that are perfectly perpendicular in RGB (i.e.\ red, green and blue) only have a mutual angle of about 6\,\degree\ in absorption. \label{arrowsfig}}
\subsection{Adding a third `Ruifrok' absorption column}
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