Commit 1e2a1807 authored by Mark van Turnhout's avatar Mark van Turnhout
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bugfix introduced bug. fixed. (Courtesy of Willeke Traa)

parent 98cb5cf7
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ for b = 1:numel(basil)
V = bas_cylSurfPatch(Vcs,npatch);
Vall{q} = V;
[com, ev] = bas_getIndDir(V);
[com(1:3,q), ev] = bas_getIndDir(V);
bonedirs(1:3,q) = ev(:,abs(ev(3,:)) == max(abs(ev(3,:))));
Vip = Vall{1}-repmat(com(:,1)',size(Vall{1},1),1); % pre-load
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