Commit 3e2e120f authored by matecellab's avatar matecellab
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fixed fullfile bug

parent 63ea28a5
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ savenames = {''; '_preload'; '_loading'; '_postload'; '_flash'};
for d = 1:numel(basil)
[scans, paths] = bas_getMeta(basil(d));
for b = 1:size(scans,1)
if ~exist(basilhome,num2str(scans(b,1)),'dir'), mkdir(basilhome,num2str(scans(b,1))); end
if ~exist(fullfile(basilhome,num2str(scans(b,1))),'dir'), mkdir(fullfile(basilhome,num2str(scans(b,1)))); end
for s = 2:size(scans,2)
if (~exist( fullfile(basilhome,num2str(scans(b,1)),savenames{s},'.mat'),'file') ...
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