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\providecommand{\doi}[1]{doi: \href{}{#1}}
K.K. Ceelen, A.~Stekelenburg, S.~Loerakker, G.J. Strijkers, D.L. Bader,
K.~Nicolay, F.P.T. Baaijens and C.W.J. Oomens.
\newblock {C}ompression-induced damage and internal tissue strains are related.
\newblock \emph{Journal of Biomechanics}, \textbf{41}(16):3399--3404, December
\newblock \pmid{19010470}.
\newblock \doi{10.1016/j.jbiomech.2008.09.016}.
S.~Loerakker, E.~Manders, G.J. Strijkers, K.~Nicolay, F.P.T. Baaijens, D.L.
Bader and C.W.J. Oomens.
\newblock {T}he effects of deformation, ischemia, and reperfusion on the
development of muscle damage during prolonged loading.
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Baaijens, K.~Nicolay and G.J. Strijkers.
\newblock {I}schemia-reperfusion injury in rat skeletal muscle assessed with
{T}2-weighted and dynamic contrast-enhanced {MRI}.
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Kevin~M. Moerman, Aart~J. Nederveen and Ciaran~K. Simms.
\newblock {I}mage based model construction, boundary condition specification
and inverse {FEA} control: a basic {M}atlab toolkit for {FEB}io.
\newblock In: \emph{Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Computer
Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering}. Salt Lake City, Utah,
USA, April 2013.
Bastiaan~J. \noopsort{Nierop}van Nierop, Anke Stekelenburg, Sandra Loerakker,
Cees~W. Oomens, Dan Bader, Gustav~J. Strijkers and Klaas Nicolay.
\newblock {D}iffusion of water in skeletal muscle tissue is not influenced by
compression in a rat model of deep tissue injury.
\newblock \emph{Journal of Biomechanics}, \textbf{43}(3):570--575, February
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\newblock {T}he importance of internal strain as opposed to interface pressure
in the prevention of pressure related deep tissue injury.
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development in rats due to compressive loading.
\newblock \emph{Medical Engineering and Physics}, \textbf{28}(4):331--338, May
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A.~Stekelenburg, C.W.J. Oomens, G.J. Strijkers, K.~Nicolay and D.L. Bader.
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\newblock \emph{Journal of Applied Physiology}, \textbf{100}(6):1946--1954,
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\newblock \pmid{16484364}.
\newblock \doi{10.1152/japplphysiol.00889.2005}.
Anke Stekelenburg, Gustav~J. Strijkers, Henry Parusel, Dan~L. Bader, Klaas
Nicolay and Cees~W. Oomens.
\newblock {R}ole of ischemia and deformation in the onset of
compression-induced deep tissue injury: {MRI}-based studies in a rat model.
\newblock \emph{Journal of Applied Physiology}, \textbf{102}(5):2002--2011, May
\newblock \pmid{17255369}.
\newblock \doi{10.1152/japplphysiol.01115.2006}.
W.A. Traa, D.L. Bader and C.W.J. Oomens.
\newblock \href{}{Non-invasive
monitoring of pressure ulcer formation.}
\newblock Annual MaTe Poster Award of the Materials Technology (MaTe) group
(Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands), December
W.A. Traa, J.L. Nelissen, K.M. Moerman, F.P.T. Baaijens, D.L. Bader and C.W.J.
\newblock \href{}{Investigating deep
tissue injury with MRI based 3D FEA.}
\newblock Annual MaTe Poster Award of the Materials Technology (MaTe) group
(Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands), December
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\hypersetup{colorlinks=true, backref=false, pdfauthor={Mark C. van Turnhout}, pdftitle={BasilLab User Manual}, pdfsubject={BasilLab User Manual}, pdfstartview=FitW, pdfkeywords={Basil the Rat, Matlab, Python, Abaqus}}
\lstset{ %
language = Octave, % choose the language of the code
basicstyle = \footnotesize\ttfamily, % the size of the fonts that are used for the code
numbers = left, % where to put the line-numbers
numberstyle = \footnotesize, % the size of the fonts that are used for the line-numbers
stepnumber = 1, % the step between two line-numbers. If it's 1 each line will be numbered
numbersep = 15pt, % how far the line-numbers are from the code
backgroundcolor = \color{listc}, % choose the background color. You must add \usepackage{color}
showspaces = false, % show spaces adding particular underscores
showstringspaces = false, % underline spaces within strings
showtabs = false, % show tabs within strings adding particular underscores
frameround = fttt, % rounded frame corners
frame = trBL, % adds a frame around the code
tabsize = 2, % sets default tabsize to 2 spaces
captionpos = b, % sets the caption-position to bottom
breaklines = true, % sets automatic line breaking
breakatwhitespace = false, % sets if automatic breaks should only happen at whitespace
title = \lstname, % show the filename of files included with \lstinputlisting;
% also try caption instead of title
captionpos = t, % sets the caption-position to top
escapeinside = {\%*}{*)}, % if you want to add a comment within your code
%morekeywords = {*,...}, % if you want to add more keywords to the set
commentstyle = \color{green},
stringstyle = \color{red},
keywordstyle = \color{blue}
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