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......@@ -259,13 +259,23 @@ mark@telab11:~$ abaqus job=<jobid> input=basil<basilid>.inp
The Abaqus input file \texttt{basil<basilid>.inp\index{basil<basilid>.inp@\texttt{basil<basilid>.inp}}} is human readable but visually not very pleasing. With \texttt{basil<basilid>\\index{basil<basilid>\\texttt{basil<basilid>\}}}, you can ask Abaqus to (also) write \texttt{basil<basilid>.cae\index{basil<basilid>.cae@\texttt{basil<basilid>.cae}}} which can be opened with the Abaqus pre-processing GUI. Then you can have a look at the model, and run the model from the Abaqus GUI.
Abaqus writes the FEM results to a (binary) file \texttt{basil<basilid>.odb\index{basil<basilid>.odb@\texttt{basil<basilid>.odb}}} (\texttt{odb} = output database).
Abaqus writes the simulation results to a (binary) file \texttt{basil<basilid>.odb\index{basil<basilid>.odb@\texttt{basil<basilid>.odb}}} (\texttt{odb} = output database).
\section{Post-processing of FE results}
BasilLab does not provide any post-processing functionality beyond conversion of a selection of parameters from the (binary) Abaqus output database \texttt{basil<basilid>.odb\index{basil<basilid>.odb@\texttt{basil<basilid>.odb}}} to human and Matlab readable text-files; and some basic plotting of the FEM results.
As with building and running the FE model, post-processing works in the current working directory, not on files in \basilhome\texttt{/<basilid>/}.
\subsection{Extracting data from the \texttt{odb}-file}
Since \texttt{basil<basilid>.odb\index{basil<basilid>.odb@\texttt{basil<basilid>.odb}}} is only readable for Abaqus, BasilLab provides some Abaqus python scripts to extract simulation data from this file. The data that is read from the \texttt{odb}-file is written to a text-file that can easily be fed to your favorite post-processing software (Matlab).
\begin{lstlisting}[numbers=none, language=bash]
mark@telab11:~$ abaqus python extract_<var>.py -odb basil<basilid>.odb
\subsection{Basic plotting of FEM results}
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