Commit ec1b1ed4 authored by matecellab's avatar matecellab
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function to rebuild models based on existing model parameters

parent 1b336a30
function bas_rebuildBasil(basil)
% bas_rebuildBasil(basil)
% Looks for basil<basilid>_modelparam.m in the working directory, loads the
% existing model parameters, and runs bas_buildFEM(basilid,param) if the
% file exists.
% See also bas_buildFEM
for b = 1:numel(basil)
paramname = sprintf('basil%i_modelparam.m',basil(b));
if exist(paramname,'file')
% reload model parameters
eval(sprintf('run %s',paramname))
% rebuild the model
fprintf('%s does not exist (here). Please adjust your expectations',paramname)
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