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Introduces some performance improvements and fixes, restores per-channel fluo analysis settings.
Many thanks for the critical review of v0.02 by Ayla Hokke, Lars Houben, and Nikita Subedi.
This version was used for the MSC.-thesis _High-throughput droplet-based microfluidic assay to study single-cell cytotoxicity in real time_ by A.M. (Ayla) Hokke (Eindhoven University of Technology, October 2020).
This version was used for the MSc.-thesis _High-throughput droplet-based microfluidic assay to study single-cell cytotoxicity in real time_ by A.M. (Ayla) Hokke (Eindhoven University of Technology, October 2020), and for the abstract _Decoding Effector functions in Natural Killer Cells using a Droplet-Based Single-Cell Analysis Platform_ by N. (Nikita) Subedi et al. (Digital Annual Meeting NVVI 2020, abstract NVVI55).
*WARNING* This version is not compatible with existing DMAlab_param.m-files.
......@@ -113,4 +113,31 @@ applicable to other research objectives.},
timestamp = {2020.12.01},
author = {Subedi, Nikita and \noopsort{Eyndhoven}van Eyndhoven, Laura and Hokke, Ayla and Houben, Lars and \noopsort{Turnhout}van Turnhout, Mark and Tel, Jurjen},
title = {{D}ecoding {E}ffector functions in {N}atural {K}iller {C}ells using a {D}roplet-{B}ased {S}ingle-{C}ell {A}nalysis {P}latform},
booktitle = {Digital Annual Meeting NVVI 2020},
year = {2020},
number = {NVVI55},
month = {December},
abstract = {Natural Killer cells are type 1 innate lymphocytes that can effectively recognize and kill infected or
malignant cells based on missing MHC-1 molecules. The cytotoxic function of NK cells relies on
balanced activating and inhibiting signals upon binding to several NK cell receptors on the target
cell's surface. A functional NK cell repertoire is generated through cellular education, resulting in a
heterogeneous NK cell population with varying capacity to respond to different stimuli. Conventional
cytotoxicity assays, performed with a mixed population of NK cells and target cells, are not able to
address heterogeneity, thus, failing to provide a comprehensive overview about cell-cell interactions,
cytolysis, and secretory activity.
Here, we present a high-throughput droplet-based microfluidic platform to monitor real-time NK cell-target cell interactions on a single cell level. Through fluorescence-based screening of
around 100,000 droplets, with different E:T ratios, a fully automated image analysis allows for the
assessment of individual killing events in each droplet over time.
During 12 hours of in-droplet cell pairing, we observed that the dynamics of NK cell cytotoxicity
ranges from 10 minutes to more than 4 hours. Around 20% of the total NK cells in droplets were able
to kill the paired K562 cells, of which 11% were in 1:1 E:T ratio. Therefore, by using our single-cell
analysis platform, we demonstrated that NK cell populations are composed of potential subsets with
different strengths and efficacies regarding their effector functions.},
owner = {tue},
timestamp = {2020.12.01},
@Comment{jabref-meta: databaseType:bibtex;}
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