Commit 4a4ebe56 authored by Turnhout, M.C. van's avatar Turnhout, M.C. van
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and fix vertical spacing in align-mode

parent 894463d0
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
\ProvidesPackage{misomath}[2013/07/18 v1.0]
%\RequirePackage{textcomp} % for \textcelsius
%\RequirePackage[Euler]{upgreek} % to make upright greek letters
\RequirePackage{stackengine} % for undertilde
%\RequirePackage{stackengine} % for undertilde
\RequirePackage{gensymb} % to provide the \micro command with text-upmu
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
% for typesetting nth-order tensors: \ten[n]{A}
%% This was file `undertilde.sty',
%% generated with the docstrip utility.
%% The original source files were:
%% undertilde.dtx (with options: `package')
%% For the copyright see the source file.
%% Any modified versions of this file must be renamed
%% with new filenames distinct from undertilde.sty.
%% For distribution of the original source see the terms
%% for copying and modification in the file undertilde.dtx.
%% This generated file may be distributed as long as the
%% original source files, as listed above, are part of the
%% same distribution. (The sources need not necessarily be
%% in the same archive or directory.)
%% updated to mundertilde.sty to provide proper vertical spacing in align-environments
%% copied from:
\ProvidesPackage{mundertilde}[2019/03/14 v1.0 Tilde under a math object]
\setbox125=\hbox{$\widetilde{\vrule height 0pt depth 0pt width \wd124}$}%
% \baselineskip=1pt\relax
% new
% /new
\vtop{\copy124\copy125\vskip -\knuthian@fdfive}}}
%% End of file `undertilde.sty'.
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