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\title{LaTeX Coffee Stains}
\author{Hanno Rein\\
Cambridge University}
\renewcommand{\today}{April 3, 2009}
This package provides an essential feature to \LaTeX~that has been missing for too long. It adds a coffee stain to your documents. A lot of time can be saved by printing stains directly on the page rather than adding it manually. You can choose from four different stain types:
\item $270^\circ$ circle stain with two tiny splashes
\item $60^\circ$ circle stain
\item two splashes with light colours
\item and a colourful twin splash.
To use the package, simply place the \texttt{coffee3.sty} file in the directory with all of your
other \texttt{.tex} files \textit{or} install it properly (consult your distribution's manual).
Then include the following line in the header of your document:
To place a coffee stain on a page, put one of the following commands in the source code of the relevant page:
where alpha is the transparency factor $\in [0,1]$. The scale factor is {\tt scale}, and the standard is {\tt scale}=1.
The angle is in degrees $\in [0,360]$.
The position relative to the centre of the page is given by x and y offsets \texttt{xoff} and \texttt{yoff}.
You can freely distribute this package as I do not believe in imaginary property. All stains are self-made, photographed by myself, processed with gimp and traced with Inkscape.
Donations should be made in coffee only. My address is
Hanno Rein\\
Wilberforce Road\\
Cambridge CB3 0WA\\
United Kingdom
See more coffee stains on the next pages.
Coffee is great.
Coffee will save the world.
Coffee will save the world.
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